The Hottest Toy On The Market…The iPad!

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When the iPad first came out, a good friend of mine was late to meet me for dinner because she was in line at the Apple store to buy her then 3 year old his own iPad.  I didn’t understand at the time why she would buy such an expensive device to basically be used as a toy. She wasn’t the only one; a few other moms I knew were doing the same for their little ones. I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind handing over an uber-expensive iPad to your tike. My husband and I both thought that was a bit ridiculous and spoiling your child. It wasn’t until my girlfriend, a kindergarten teacher, showed my daughter a few of the apps from her iPad she uses in her classroom earlier this year that my opinon started to shift. Hubs and I were blown away by how engaged my daughter was in playing a alphabet game and the variety of educational apps available.  So I write to you today to say, I stand corrected.  We have one and it’s brilliant! It is a great aid for not only you, but your little ones too. The iPad has been the most useful and resourceful device/gadget/toy we’ve ever purchased.

Some may wonder what the diference is in watching a video on the tablet in comparsion to a television. There seems to be quite a diference for me. First off, I do not down load movies on ours. My son does love watching the many videos from ABC Go! This impressive app shows actual utube videos for each letter of the alphabet. My son’s face lights up when he sees the firetruck and helicopter video. The Thomas app also has several videos on it as well. My daughter loves to watch utube videos that I have set to her age rating. So she sees video clips from PBS Kids and kids singing ad dancing. Both have a collection of books that is read to them with the actual words be highlted as they go. My kids become so engaged in the activities on this as opposed to sitting on the couch watching television. There seems to be an endless amount of ways to bring learning numbers and letters into a fun game. Interactive, engaging, animated, educational, and just overall pretty darn impressive.

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I’ve researched and tried many Preschooler and Children’s apps and here are some I recommend to try out for your little Techie.

My Little Techie’s top 10 picks:
Toddler Apps (age 1+):
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1.       MonkeyPreschool Lunchbox

2.       Dr. Suess ABC’s by Oceanhouse Media

3.       Fish School by Duck Duck Moose

4.       Letters A to Z by True Learning

5.       Clickysticky by Merge Mobile

6.       ABC Go!

7.       Photo Touch Colors by Grasshopper

8.       Thomas and Friend’s Misty Island Rescue

9.       Photo Touch Concepts by Grasshopper

10.   Toddler Quiz Flashcards by Sai Services

 Children’s Apps (5+):

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1.       Preschool: 15 in 1

2.       ABC Photo Touch by Grasshopper

3.       Shape Builder (free version!)

4.    MeeGenius! Bookstore

5.       Math Bingo

6.       Highlights hidden Pictures

7.       iWrite Words

8.       Wurdle

9.       Sight words by Alligator Apps

10.   Little Speller Three Letter Words by Grasshopper Apps

There you have it ladies and gents! By no means am I saying these are “the” top 10. This list is simply the top 10 in our household. I’d love to hear of some recommendations from you! What apps do your little techies like??

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