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Fine lines. Wrinkles. Dark circles. Brown spots. Acne Scars… Oh the joys of aging! Where exactly is Juan Ponce De Leon and that fountain of youth we’ve heard about?! Well, it may not be as simple as sipping water from a mystical fountain, but the use of lasers, injectables and cutting edge surgical techniques now afford us the opportunity to maintain a youthful appearance far longer than ever before!

Many of my friends have expressed an interest in getting Botox in their foreheads and/or fillers in their lips, but they are unsure about how much it will cost, how long the results will last, or if the treatments will hurt. They just know that they want to look good, but are shy about seeking out the answers. Sound familiar? Well today is your lucky day!

Thanks to the help of  Aesthetic Edge, a state-of-the-art medical spa that specializes in non-invasive medical procedures in Redondo Beach, you will be able to distinguish between three popular injectables, and  better understand their purposes, how long they last and how much they may cost!! Check out these two short videos from Aesthetic Edge that are sure to answer most, if not all, of your questions!

All About Fillers!

All About Botox!


Still have questions? Aesthetic Edge has answers! Click on the terms to learn more about Botox, Juvederm and Restylane!

My Experience at Aesthetic Edge

Some people keep the fact that they get injectables or other plastic surgery a secret. Well, I am not one of those people. I have no shame about getting injectables. I LOVE the effects that the products have on my skin. After treatment my skin looks less flawed and smoother. Injectables are my treat to myself. Since I turned 30, I have allowed myself one annual trip to the doctor for a little freshening up..ya know…to help me age gracefully. I try to take good care of my body on my own through diet, skin care and exercise, but once a year I indulge in a little professional help! Come on…everybody’s doing it, right?!

Last month I took at trip to Aesthetic Edge in South Redondo for a little birthday make-over. What a treat! Dr. Howard treated me with injectables and I am thrilled with the results!

My appointment began with “before” pictures, followed by a detailed consultation about treatment options. Dr. Barbarino Howard was incredibly knowledgeable about the various techniques available to meet all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. After we agreed on a treatment plan, Dr. Barbarino Howard numbed my face with topical cream to make the injections less painful. Greatly appreciated! Then she began injecting! I have to say, while this may sound a little corny, Dr. Barbarino Howard was like an artist while she worked! She carefully made injections and then studied her work. She took time to make sure that things looked…well…perfect! When she was done I looked in the mirror. I looked a little swollen and bruised. She warned me about this before starting the injections, but I guess her warnings didn’t register. Oops. Dr. Barbarino Howard assured me that this was totally normal! No pain, no gain, right!? Note to self: do not plan your birthday dinner on the night that you have injections! Live and learn!

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I returned a week later for a check up with Dr. Barbarino Howard, something that other doctors I had never requested in the my past experiences with injectables. I appreciated her desire to check on my progress! At this appointment Dr. Barbarino Howard checked my swelling and bruising and took “post” pictures. She assured me that I was healing well! She advised me that I would be able to see the full effects of the injections after two weeks. I was excited!

Now it has been almost a month since my initial appointment and I am thrilled with the results!! My skin is smooth and youthful-looking!

I can’t say enough amazing things about Aesthetic Edge! Their office is serene and professional and the staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Keith Marcus and Dr. Sheila Chang Barbarino Howard are board certified plastic surgeons that treat patients with injectables, among other treatments such as those using lasers, on a daily basis. Dr. Michael Fulbright is a co-founder of the medical spa and specializes in cosmetic dentistry and offers services such as porcelain veneers, Invisaline and teeth whitening.  Their biographies are impressive and show years of experience in the field of medicine and dentistry.

Here’s the best news…Aesthetic Edge is now offering a 20% discount to P2P readers who are new patients!!! Yup…here’s your chance to try out the filler of your choice! Contact Aesthetic Edge at (310) 316-1400 for an appointment!! Offer good through 2/14/12.

{Disclaimer: Dr. Barbarino Howard and Aesthetic Edge gave me a fabulous discount on my injectable treatments. Lucky me! However, that did not sway my opinions about Aesthetic Edge. All the opinions expressed in this article are honest. They rock!}

[Video Credits: Aesthetic Edge]

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  1. Elsie says:

    It's funny, as a Professor, my gray hairs and wrinkles actually work in my favor. So I won't be getting rid of them any time soon, but I think you did a great job explaining how these things work!

  2. Thanks for all this great information. I wish I was not getting any wrinkles. It is the only bad part about getting old.

  3. Caryn B

    aging….sigh…..but I'm too scared to do this : ) Thanks for the info….

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  5. Diane says:

    Thank you Kim for all of this valuable information! You are an amazing writer and I love to tune in daily to read your new posts! I'm excited for my consultation and will keep you posted with my results!!

    Thanks again Kim!