An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Watching the Academy Awards has always been a tradition in my family. I remember watching the awards with my mom when I was little…I loved watching the dresses on the red carpet and seeing the clips of the movies nominated for Best Picture. At that time I would wait anxiously to see which film would win Best Animated Picture!

Though the years, my love for movies and the Academy Awards has continued to grow. My husband and I LOVE going to the movies and try to see as many nominated films as we can each year. I have to be honest that while we used to see nearly every film nominated, we haven’t been as diligent about seeing all the films since having our kids. But, that’s not for lack of trying!

While my mom likes to watch the awards in absolute silence with a bag of M&Ms by her side, I have grown to love having Academy Award parties with my close family and friends. Each year I try to incorporate a new activity or decorating idea into my parties to continue to make them more exciting! Here are some tips that I thought you would enjoy incorporating into your own Academy Awards Party!


Get Oscar Ready!

Ask your guests to dress up for the evening in their finest clothes! Everyone on screen will be dressed to kill, so why shouldn’t you?


Roll Out The Red Carpet!

The Academy Awards would not be complete without a red carpet! So, welcome your guests to your party, by rolling out the red carpet in front of your house! Take out your camera and let your guests pose for some “paparazzi” shots as they make their way to the front door! If you like role playing, interview your guests and ask them “who” they are wearing!


IMG 1838 682x1024 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Roll out the red carpet!


Elegant Decor!
Use the glitz and glamour of the night as inspiration for your decor! For my party, I felt inspired to use gold, glitter, mirrors and crystals to create an elegant ambiance for the night!


IMG 1813 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

The Nominees


Champagne and Cocktails!

This is the perfect night to use those crystal glasses you got for your wedding! Serve your guests champagne or a special signature cocktail for the party!


IMG 1796 682x1024 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!


IMG 1834 682x1024 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!


Set Your Table

Whether you are ordering take out or serving a delicious home-cooked meal, setting a gorgeous table will create the mood for a night to remember!


IMG 1826 682x1024 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!


Dinner Convo!

Frame a list of the nominees in your favorite categories and discuss who you think deserves to take home the Oscar!


IMG 1807 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!


Place Cards

Using small frames is simple and elegant way to create place cards for your guests! Add a little something extra by hot gluing on ribbon or a rose to the frame. For your Academy Awards dinner table, use the names of the Best Actor and Actress nominees on the place cards!


IMG 1800 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!


Table Favors!

Table favors are always a hit! Head to your local party supply to get M&Ms, ribbon and treat bags and place a sweet treat at each guests’ plate.


IMG 1799 682x1024 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!



Create a romantic floral arrangement of roses or your favorite flower using the theme colors for your party. Need help making your floral arrangement? Check out these P2P floral arranging tips that will help you create stunning arrangements.


IMG 1786 682x1024 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!


Movie-Themed Cookies

Create movie-themed cookies for dessert! For my party, I created shining star and Oscar cookies for my guests to enjoy! I recommend using’s recipe for “Best Rolled Sugar Cookies” and Royal Icing recipe from The Joy of Baking.

To give my star cookies that extra twinkle I used gold and white Sparkling Sugar from Sur La Table. Brushing Pearl Dust with a pastry brush gave the Oscar cookies a metallic finish. Oscar cookie cutters (they are actually mummies) are available from Cooper Gifts, but since my cookie cutter did not arrive in time this year, a friend handmade the one I used! (I promise you, ladies, party planning comes with it’s own set of challenges. Either improvise, or toss it and move on)!


IMG 1902 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Shining Star Cookies


IMG 1906 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Pearl Dust for Pastries


IMG 1920 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Oscar Cookies


A Healthy Wager!

I love printing out the list of nominees for each guest and letting them predict the winners for each category before show time! This makes watching the awards that much more exciting! To make even more interesting, we always chip in a small bet to “the pot” and the person who picks the most winners gets to take home the loot! If you prefer, you can also pick up some small gift cards for your guests and give them to the winners in lieu of a cash prize!

Even if you haven’t had a chance to see many (or any) of the films nominated this year, voting on your own ballot is a lot of fun! Nothing like a little healthy wager to make things interesting!


IMG 1933 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Choose The Winners!


Don’t Forget The Snacks!

Nothing goes better with movies than popcorn! Pop some fresh popcorn for your guests while you watch the show! This year I picked up these adorable popcorn containers from Sur La Table — so much fun! If you really want spoil your guests, set up a mini concession stand with classic movie treats such as Red Vines, Gummy Bears, Junior Mints, Sour Patch Kids and your other favorites to share with your guests! Yum!


IMG 1856 1024x682 An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

Don't Forget The Popcorn!


Enjoy the 8th annual Academy Awards! For local air times, a list of nominees and other Academy Award fun facts, visit the official Academy Award website!

kimberly An Academy Awards Party To Remember!

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  1. LOVE IT!!

  2. Donna says:

    Wow – that's a lot of party for a television show :) I'll have to remember these tips if I can ever muster up the energy to do this! (In the meantime, we'll probably just have our usual nice quiet evening at home with something slow-cooked and easy so I don't have to get off the couch).

  3. What a beautiful and fun idea!

  4. Jeannine says:

    This is a very fancy home party for the Oscar's… love the details

  5. What time should I come over?

  6. natalie says:

    cute! I pinned it

  7. Julia says:

    Wow!! Looks fabulous! You really outdid yourself!

  8. Caryn B

    Wow….great ideas! Hope you enjoyed the Oscars

  9. Vanessa says:

    great party! I had one two only my cookies didn't come out so good!

    • Kimberly says:

      The cookies were by far the hardest part! Next time I think I will take my cute cookie cutter over to my favorite bakery and then pick them up when they are baked and gorgeous! hee hee!