lululemon Bag: $100. Personal Goal Setting: Priceless.

I recently shopped at the lululemon store in the El Segundo Plaza and left with not only a new gym bag, but a desire to plan out my next 10 years.  While I was shopping, I noticed a wall covered with framed goal charts made by each employee. I stood there reading and was blown away by their honesty, the fact that their goals extended to 10 years into the future and by their ability to put it out there for anyone to see. This is their way of holding one another accountable and to check in with one another  while working towards their goals.

goals 1024x769 lululemon Bag: $100. Personal Goal Setting: Priceless.

After I went home, I searched their website and found out that they have a blog and have written about the importance of goal setting. They even included the exact chart which can be downloaded here! It’s laid out so that you can set goals for 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. They suggest with starting wtih 10 years and working your way back to the more short-term goals. This way you start to pave the path for those big long-term plans. I discovered that I haven’t recently thought about what I want to accomplish and where I want to be in 10 years. The process has taught me to slow down and think about what it is I m doing in the present and where I envision myself  in regards to my personal life,  my health and my career.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

When I began my own goal worksheet, I sat down thinking I would be able to fill out the worksheet and just start at it. However, it was interesting to me to find that I took a few days of deep thinking and changing my goals around before I felt like I figured out my true vision for my future.

“Your vision defines your ideal life and identifies the goals you’ll need to get there.”

If you have never set long-term goals or haven’t refreshed them in the past few years, today is great day to start. Here is what I learned from lululemon:

Break It Down

It was new for me to start with the long-term goals and work my way back. The idea is to envision your big goals and break them down into smaller ones. You can move forward and check them off as you achieve them and work towards your main goals.

Write In Present Tense

Write your goals as if they already happened. By writing in the present tense you are affirming that you believe them to be a reality and not just a dream.

Set each goal with a date. By having a measurable date you are more likely to continue working on your goal regularly. This also makes you prioritize your goals.

“If you can’t measure it, it’s not a goal” – Lululem<

So, here is my personal goal chart that I have decide to share with you. I loved making it and found the process to be very inspiring. I encourage all of our “peers” to download a form from lululemon and complete it!

Share one (or more) of your long term goals as a comment to help inspire other “peers!”

vision goals worksheet signed1 650x502 lululemon Bag: $100. Personal Goal Setting: Priceless.

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  1. Katie Driscoll says:

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for inspiring me with YOUR honesty. I’m downloading the form.

  2. Kristal — this is such a helpful article. When I was looking for a husband I wrote a list of 50 traits I would like him to have. Then I put that piece of paper away. In fact I even forgot about it until my husband and I moved in together and I found it. He fulfilled 49 of those 50 traits and I realized I didn’t really care about the 50th. Writing down your goals is powerful. It sets things into action.

  3. I have been working on my exercise goals too. It is going to be so much easier during the summer, but I am not waiting. :)
    Shelby Barone recently posted..Strawberry PickingMy Profile

  4. jamie

    This is great advice!!! I’m going to actually do this today!
    jamie recently posted..Mother-at-Arms: Stephanie DeckerMy Profile

  5. Caryn B

    Fabulous post! I need to be better about goal setting…and prioritizing….I am way too busy
    Caryn B recently posted..Disney Baby Celebrates Earth Month *Giveaway*My Profile

  6. Thank you for such a great post on such an important skill! Goal setting is something that should be taught all the way through kindergarten and adulthood but sadly isn’t. This broke it down into small steps so that it’s easy for any age to grasp.

    Thanks so much for enlightening us!