The Spirit of Aloha: Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum!

Sipping a cool, sweet, perfectly-mixed cocktail transports me to a place with sandy beaches and steel drum bands – vacation, relaxation and fun! With Summer around the corner and vacation times ahead, I am thrilled to have discovered how much I enjoy sipping and serving drinks made with Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum! This top quality silver rum created by rocker Sammy Hagar and his team of master distillers is now on sale in California, Nevada, Hawaii and Arizona with distribution in other states to begin soon. In California, you can find Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum in your local Bev Mo for the introductory price of $19.99.

You may be asking yourself why this rum is so special? First, it’s made from the very best sugar cane in the world, which is found in Maui, Hawaii. The distillery is located in the hills of Maui across the street from the famous Haliimaile General Store (one of the best places to eat in all of Hawaii). Second, the method of making this rum is quite different other rums. Distiller Mark Nigbur developed a unique pot still that heats the sugar cane mash from heating rods inserted into the pot still rather than the traditional heating method of coils on the outside of the pot still. Additionally, using no additives the rum is distilled only once retaining the flavors of the cane and producing a smooth and almost creme brulle after taste with tropical fruit overtones.

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Sammy's Beach Bar Rum

Sammy  Hagar is no stranger to the spirit and restaurant industries. He developed  Cabo Wabo Tequila and the chain of Cabo Wabo Cantinas. Sammy also owns a number of Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill’s around the country where he donates all of his proceeds to local charities. The inspiration for the creation of this high quality silver rum is also fitting for Sammy as he owns not one, but two homes on Maui where he lives for several months out of the year. On a total of 23 acres he grows sugar cane and pineapple and aims to soon have an estate-grown rum product.

 Unlike most silver rums, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is made for sipping over ice or neat, but if you are more of a mixed-drink kind of person (I know I am), Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum enhances drinks as well due to its flavor profile. Be sure to add these delicious recipes to your repertoire to create a different signature drink every time you entertain!

mauilibre 650x437 The Spirit of Aloha: Sammys Beach Bar Rum!

mauimama 650x437 The Spirit of Aloha: Sammys Beach Bar Rum!

mauirocker 650x437 The Spirit of Aloha: Sammys Beach Bar Rum!

originalmauimaitai 650x437 The Spirit of Aloha: Sammys Beach Bar Rum!

rockindaiquiri 650x437 The Spirit of Aloha: Sammys Beach Bar Rum!

sharkbite 650x437 The Spirit of Aloha: Sammys Beach Bar Rum!

I am  not sure what I love more, the taste of the rum or the bottle it is packaged in. It’s a difficult choice!  Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum recently won the double gold medal for packaging at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It also won Best of Show at the Bar and Night Club Show in Vegas for quality! So I guess that proves it, the packaging and the taste are both top notch! Here’s a solution: enjoy sipping the rum and then display in in your home bar and/or use it as a vase for flowers.

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“One Sip and You’ll Surrender!”

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  1. Mary Nicolai McPherson

    I love Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum!

  2. Matt Rosenfeld

    The Maui Rocker looks and sounds refreshing! Is it 5:00 somewhere?

  3. Anthony Goodwin

    Please tell me there are moves for this to be sold in Australia…………?

  4. George Nemeth says:

    I finally had a chance to sample Sammy’s rum and found my latest addiction! I now look forward to work so that I can enjoy happy hour more than ever!