Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

Earlier this Summer Madeline attended her friend Daphne’s 5th birthday party. When the invitation came in the mail I remember thinking that the theme was unique, ya know, something other than the typical Disney-character-themed parties she frequently attended (Not that there is anything wrong with a good princess party!). I was intrigued and tried to envision how her mom, Tisha, would create a whole party around the rainbow theme.

IMG 1218 650x917 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

I completely underestimated Tisha’s creative abilities (never again!) and my mouth dropped open when I walked in the door and saw the truly beautiful, magical party she had created for her daughter. It was stunning! I raced home to get my camera because I knew instantly that I had to share this fantastic party with all of you!

Tisha credits Pinterest for helping her come up with the creative aspects of this colorful 5th birthday party, but it is obvious Tisha’s incredible talent was also a key factor to making this party so special.

Color Me Pretty

Each guest was asked to wear their favorite color to the party. How cute! Madeline chose to wear red and told me she wanted every color of the rainbow in her ponytail. Here’s what we came up with….

IMG 1160 650x975 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

Daphne had the most adorable rainbow birthday party frock, complete with rainbow-striped leg warmers! She totally rocked her outfit! She is modeling her outfit below!

IMG 1172 650x914 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}


Decorations and Treats

When guests entered through the family’s front door, they were immediately sent over the rainbow with this gorgeous room Tisha designed. IMG 1136 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1149 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

No detail was overlooked in designing this party. Everything from the snacks and decor to the crafts and activites were shining bright with color.

IMG 1153 650x973 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1209 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1150 650x975 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 11421 650x975 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1141 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1176 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1179 650x973 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

Party Activities

During the party the girls strung rainbow-colored beads to make name bracelets (ugh…it pains me that I don’t have a picture!!), painted rainbows with streamers and puffy clouds and played with gushy, rainbow-colored balls. They also had a rockin’ dance party with the gorgeous rainbow wands that Tisha hand-made for each guest.

IMG 1195 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1173 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1146 650x973 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

The Cupcakes

I couldn’t imagine the party getting any more spectacular until I saw the cupcakes that Tisha baked for the party. Yup…they were rainbow cupcakes topped with gold flakes from the pot of gold! Gorgeous!

IMG 1154 650x973 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1214 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1204 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

IMG 1139 650x433 Over the Rainbow {Birthday Party}

Dreams really DO come true!


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  1. Dayna says:

    Oh my gosh! Love this..it’s so creative! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Daphne’s party, and for making me blush! FYI (since I forgot to tell you earlier!) the invitations and cupcake toppers were from Chickabug.com!

  3. Nancy W says:

    You did an awesome job with this! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas :)

  4. Amy Anderson says:

    Love – I am going to copy this for my daughter’s 6th birthday. Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. Megan B says:

    I love this and am using lots of ideas for my daughter’s first birthday party this weekend. How did you create the Over the Rainbow quote page? I’d love to do that and have the guest sign it for her!

  6. Brenda says:

    Thank You for sharing the Party ideas my little one is very much into your theme . Which brings me to an additional request . There is a child I do believe Madaline whom was wearing red and had the rainbow pony tail . Well I have heard nothing but how much my little one loves her silver sandals . If by any chance you could e-mail me the info in finding a pair it would be much appreciated ! ( you have no idea how much ) . Hope you can help . mbwoc@cbbi.com

  7. Janna says:

    Hi, what a darling birthday part! Do you mind telling me where you got the printable “Over the Rainbow”?