My Daughter is Five. Parenting Starts Now. {Guest Contributor}

One of my favorite bloggers, What Would Gwyneth Do, recently wrote about how she believes parenting really started when her daughter turned five. It struck a chord with me since I have a five-year old kindergartener as well. I had such a “aha!” parenting moment that this is the time my daughter will form her own childhood memories. Here is the blog post [...]

GMO? OMG! Prop 37


A very intelligent and talented friend of ours, Lisa Becker (author of Click: An Online Love Story) met with us and a small group of friends earlier this week to have our own morning discussion about GMO’s and Propostion 37. We are so grateful and lucky to have her guest contribute on Pier to Peer sharing her [...]

Deven’s Closet Staple: Chambray Shirt

Chambray Shirt

  One of my absolute favorite things in my closet is my chambray shirt. It’s timeless, classic and amazingly versatile. Whenever I’m having one of those “I have nothing to wear” days, I turn to my chambray shirt and pair it with just about anything else in my closet. Lately, I’ve been wearing it with [...]

Copycats: Steal Deven’s Summer-Chic Look!


Not only is Deven my good friend but she is also one of the most stylish women I know.   Deven is a naturally gorgeous California-beach-chic girl from Malibu.  No matter the occasion whether she is out playing with her two children or traveling the world with her family, Deven has a style all her own and always looks fabulous!  Today, Deven is offering her [...]

How A Revocable Trust Can Protect Your Children

How A Revocable Trust Can Protect Your Children

This is the second article in our three-part series discussing important legal arrangements for parents to consider which can ensure that their children are cared for in the event that both parents pass away. While these topics are not always the easiest to think about, making arrangements for our children’s future is one of the [...]

The Sun and Your Skin; Challenges & Solutions for Darker Skin Types

The Sun and Your Skin

Yes, by this time everyone knows to wear sunscreen and and a hat and stay out of the sun. We’ve heard the mantra for decades. But do you know that different skin types have different precautions one should take as it relates to the sun. Los Angeles Dermatologist, Gene Rubinstein, M. D. offers some unconventional [...]

Tips To Make Your Marriage Last!

marriage, couple, marriage tips,

Today’s article is written by South Bay local, Dr. Shannon Scanlan PsyD., an expert in parenting, relationships and marriage. We are thrilled to have her share some clinical and practical tips that make marriages work! Learn more about Dr. Shannon on her website. Follow her on Facebook and/or Twitter! Marriage: In the Beginning Marriages go [...]

Fun & Sporty Activities for Kids, Teens & Adults at Adventure Plex!

Fun & Sporty Activities for Kids, Teens & Adults at Adventure Plex!

My name is Allie and I’m a middle schooler at MBMS. I was offered the opportunity to review the Ropes Course and Rock Wall at AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach. I wanted to get a real sense of what the experience would be like with friends, so I invited my best friend Haley. I have to [...]

Trusting Your Choice for The Guardian of Minor Children

Sona A. Tatiyants, guardianship, choosing a guardian for your child, wills and trusts

Simple decisions are hard to come by in parenting, but few are more challenging that deciding who would care for your child in the event that you were no longer able to do so. Today, Sona A. Tatiyants, esq. will share her wisdom in this area with our “peers.” Choosing a Guardian for Minor Children [...]

A Perfectly Kept House Is A Sign Of A Misspent Life


Today’s article is written by South Bay blogger, Teri Roughen! Teri will be telling us about her discovery of a fabulous new book that reminds us not to “sweat the small stuff!” To find more articles from Teri, please visit her on Beach City Lifestyle! Enjoy!    Just before the holidays a very good friend [...]